Wolf Mother Duo
Wolf Mother Duo

Wolf Mother Duo

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A labradorite pipe with a carb for easy smoking + a 2oz by volume tin filled with Wolf Mother smoke blend. Wolf Mother was the first created of the family of herbal smoke blends. It is cooling and calming and is said to have the ability to slow a racing mind. It is a blended with "nervines" which are anxiety quelling herbs. It has a touch of lobelia which has a long history of use as a gentle non addictive replacement for nicotine. Wolf Mother is FREE of nicotine, tobacco & marijuana.

organic ingredients: mullein, lavender, skullcap, lobelia & damiana. 


*You must be of legal smoking age to purchase this product.

*Do not use if nursing or pregnant.

*Do not use if allergic to plants in the asteraceae or lamiaceae families.

*Smoking may be hazardous to your health. This product is intended for recreational and or ritual use.  By purchasing this smoking blend, you agree to not hold All Elements Apothecary responsible for any negative consequences that may result from using this product.