Wand of Taurus

Wand of Taurus

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Wand of Taurus ♉️

This was the first time I experienced so many obstacles in making a burn wand. From misjudging size/shape, breaking delicate flora, an ‘injury’ from sea holly and snapping strings. And if worked with all of these plants before without any issue... perhaps it was coincidence but I took it as a sign that the wands already embodied the stubbornness of a Taurus! 😂

The research I did called for mugwort and rosemary, which I used as the base of this wand. Much of what I read also mention roses, so I went heavy on the roses cause Taurus’ are said to be a lil bit (very) hedonistic, so why not put lots and lots of the most regal and romantic flower?!

I went with and thorny sea holly to represent the bull. Cute and fuzzy bunny tail grass for cozy vibes. Also woven throughout each bundle is two types of sage, daisies, star anise and spearmint from the garden.

I know I always say this but it smells AMAZING. It’s the first zodiac wand I’ve done in awhile (ever?) without any lavender at all. It smells earthy and so very grounding. Perfectly aligned with a balanced Taurus-type. I hope you all enjoy!