Rites Herb Bundle

Rites Herb Bundle

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//Rites Herb Bundles//


Each bundle is comprised of 7 different organic herbs that represent a menagerie of sacred healing. It is my genuine pleasure to offer these up to bless your spaces and homes with protection, purification and spiritual healing.  Below are brief descriptions of a few of the herbs that are less common. 

TANSY- used in celebration of life’s natural milestones such as the initiation or finality of menstruation. 

VALERIAN buds- said to calm hostile spirits and instill a sense of calm throughout a living space.

CELESTIAL BLUE SAGE- associated with planet Jupiter and earth & air elements, sage is an all encompassing herb with a lengthy history of use as incense for protection. 

Other organic herbs in the bundle are roses, rosemary, garden sage & lavender. 

Each bundle is unique in its appearance. Roses vary in color.