Lunar Spell Body Butter

Lunar Spell Body Butter

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//Lunar Spell//

A plant potion for after sundown. 

Lunar Spell is made with powerful herbs that help bring about a quiet mind and heavy eyelids. It’s emulsified with copper distilled pennyroyal hydrosol & nourishing plants fats like shea & macadamia. This is a vegan body butter! 🌱

Pennyroyal is in the mint family & has a fierce affinity for the female reproductive organs. It’s ruled by Venus with an earth element. Most notable is that it’s an emmenagogue and should be used cautiously by folks who has a heavy menstrual cycle, and NOT used by folks who want to get pregnant or are currently pregnant. It’s one of my favorite aromas. I have a deep reverence for the magic this plant contains. 

Because this body butter includes hydrosol, it absorbs much quicker than other body butters, which makes it very convenient to lather on just before you crawl into bed. Other subtle aromatic notes to stimulate your olfactory system are sage, geranium, lavender, mugwort, chamomile, cocoa & valerian (don’t worry, the valerian is blended/masked perfectly). This is absolutely a butter meant to be used mindfully. I use it near or during my period and only before napping or bedtime because of the way it gently sedates me.  

organic ingredients: mugwort, lavender, hops, catnip, chamomile, commin sage, valerian root, olive oil, macadamia oil, sheabutter, cocoa butter & pennyroyal hydrosol. Essential oils of sage, geranium & lavender. 


This body butter is very heat-sensitive. Warmer temperatures (72+ degrees) affect the fluffy consistency of this butter and may separate the hydrosol from the oils. Please consider this if you are ordering from a warmer climate!