Discount Skin Scrub

Discount Skin Scrub

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I knocked a couple bucks off because of greasy labels!

Skin scrubbing creates an exterior movement that influences the lymphatic fluid to its eventual endpoint. Without encouraging lymphatic flow the body can become more toxic with cellular waste buildup, edema, headaches, and other ailments impeding optimal health.

•Our lymphatic system is the body’s clean-up mechanism starting at the cellular level. It maximizes the immune system by taking away the inherent buildup and other garbage (cellular waste/toxins) and bringing it to a point where is gets recycled (I.e. poop, pee, sweat, breath, etc.).

•Skin scrubbing sloughs off dead skin cells which allows the pores to improve their ability to help purge impurities carried by lymphatic fluids. Skin scrubs leave your skin bright, glowy and soft not just because of lymphatic drainage but also because of exfoliation and nourishing oils. Not to mention, the salt itself is cleansing!

•Organic Ingredients: oils on jojoba, olive, avocado, sweet almond. Yarrow, chaparral, violets, rose, lavender and orange. Epsom salt. Essential oils blend. Paraben-free preservative. 

6 fl oz