Clear Out Salve

Clear Out Salve

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An herbal salve with abilities for drawing out impurities from beneath the skin. 

This shadowy goo is made with intensely drawing and astringent earth-based ingredients. It’s great for mild dermal infections such as zits, blackheads & boils, but can also be applied to some foreign invaders such as pesky splinters. I tend to use this for acne to keep the infection minimal and decrease the pimples duration of existence. A good time of day to use this balm is before bed; I will clean the area of infection & apply Clear Out Salve to the targeted area, cover with a bandaid and allow the salve to work it’s magic while sleeping. 

Organic Ingredients: green tea, roses, plantain, activated charcoal, French green clay, safflower oil, olive oil & beeswax

1/2 oz