‘Abnoba’ Altar Candles

‘Abnoba’ Altar Candles

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This comes with two candles per bundle.


Abnoba is thought to be the Celtic goddess of the Black Forest. She’s seen as the caretaker of the mountains, springs, woods, wild animals and all things wilderness. Our green candles are a tribute to Abnoba and to all earth goddesses. 

I was experimenting with essential oil blends and just happened to mix the perfect measurements to accidentally get a sweet grass aroma. There’s hints of honey and eucalyptus, too. In my opinion it’s perfect and I’m grateful for the accident. 

beeswax, spirulina, hemp wick, essential oils of eucalyptus, cedarwood snd lavender. Topped with fennel

these are botanically dyed candles and quickly fade in the sunlight. Please burn responisbly.