Happy Lungs Herbal Tea

Happy Lungs Herbal Tea

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Organic Ingredients: mullein, coltsfoot, licorice root, orange peel, spearmint, lungwort & lobelia. 


🌱Mullein leaf works symbiotically with the lungs to bring moisture to dehydrated respiratory cavities or dry out excess dampness in the lungs. It supports expectoration of particulates including byproducts of illness and pollutants they linger in the lung passages.

🌱Coltsfoot is said to ease muscle spasms with an affinity for the lung muscle. It’s Latin botanical name is ‘Tussilago’ which directly translates to ‘cough suppressant’.

🌱Licorice root offers a sweetness to this herbaceous tea. It’s been used in eastern healing traditions for thousands of years as a therapeutic tool for the lungs. It’s a demulcent— meaning it’s soothing and protective to inflamed and distressed tissues (think sore throat & tired lungs). Like mullein, it’s also said to aid the lungs in expelling old mucus.

🌱Orange peel is packed with vitamin C, an essential to overcoming most flu/cold related ailments. It’s also said to act as a ‘carrier’ herb meaning it drives the herbal actions of other herbs deeper into the body.


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