Helichrysum & Hibiscus

Helichrysum & Hibiscus

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🌱HELICHRYSUM- a gorgeous everlasting yellow flower from the daisy family! It’s known for its high antioxidant count, which keeps skin taut and healthy. It also mends both subtle and macro abrasions in the skin, promoting smooth and even dermal surface. 

🌱HIBISCUS- chock for of vitamin C, maintaining optimal skin health! The flower buds give this mask a gorgeous plum hue (don’t worry the color doesn’t stain your skin!). Hibiscus is known for plumping up the skin, likely through its tendency to hold onto water. 

🌱CALENDULA- an amazing flower bud with antimicrobial and scar-reducing abilities. I use this herb a lot in topical applications because it’s does such a phenomenon job at caring for our largest organs. 

🌱RHASSOUL CLAY- a truly exquisite clay which gently pulls toxins out from the pores, but doesn’t strip the skin of its natural healthy oils. 

🌱LEMON BALM- calming and soothing to the skin and mind. 

🌱ROSES- cleansing and astringent, tightening pores. 


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